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1. The problem with communication – Some solutions for parents and teachers to meet halfway in their efforts to teach students about life and academics.

2. Gradescope: A first glance – My initial thoughts on using Gradescope.

3. AVID summer institute 2017 – My thoughts on AVID and how I implement it in my classroom.

4. TVB Explore Japan Rail & Drive — 夏.日.悠遊 – Exploring the contradictions of wanderlust and the longing for home by being an armchair traveler. Also some Chinese.

5. An exercise in positivity – Turning a frown upside down, in list form.

6. Touring with Education First – An inside look at life as an 8th grade DC field trip chaperone.

7. A tour of my classroom desk – If a person’s desk tells you a lot about their mind, then my desk would scream A) organized chaos and B) cheap and free stuff is the best.

8. Fall morning routine – I’m a super-duper morning person. And I’m obsessed with ‘Get ready with me’ tags. Fall is also my favorite season.


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