While reading those end-of-the-year newsletters that are so popular amongst upper-middle-class American families, I was thinking back to when I tried to set themes to my years. 2014 was the year I did more of what made me happy, as a reaction to 2013 which wasn't very happy for me at all. 2015 was the... Continue Reading →


When losing makes you feel bad

Excuse the blank post last week. It's been crazy hectic - for many, many reasons including the mountains of work, social stuff to make sure I'm still being a good enough friend to the people I like, family stuff to make sure I'm not cut out of somebody's will, and just the fact that we... Continue Reading →

A link and some thoughts

Wow. Someone out there is doing this. Well, maybe I'm late to the party, but this is pretty cool. I can see myself assigning some of these videos for students to watch, and then doing a flipped classroom activity. Not all the time, but maybe sometimes. ***** Last weekend was CMC North at Asilomar. I... Continue Reading →

How to survive fall conferences

Conferences at my school site is a rather grueling task. It requires a lot of prep work on the teacher's part, and a lot of talking at the actual conference. The hours are long and jam packed as well, but the hardest thing for me is to tell parents repeatedly what their students need to... Continue Reading →

Quotes and thoughts

Not all teachers are effective, not all teachers are experts, and not all teachers have powerful effects on students (Hattie, 2009) My thoughts: Experts are not necessarily effective. Effects are not necessarily powerful. Power does not necessarily come from effective experts. There's a venn diagram somewhere here. While an unprecedented number of societal responsibilities are... Continue Reading →

The story of my job search

Getting that first job can be a tough experience. For me, it was mainly because I had no experience. I've had previous jobs before, but I got them through networks like my college campus, or connections, like family friends. I've written resumes and submitted them, but I've never really had to interview, or do follow-ups.... Continue Reading →

How to set up sub plans

I just had my first sub day of the school year. Instead of teaching, I spent 7 hours in a room with some of my favorite colleagues working on big picture items for my district's Math 8 course. During my first two years of teaching, I regularly took a sub day every 6-8 weeks, even... Continue Reading →

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