I read these, so should you!

I’m an edublogger who doesn’t actually read edublogs. I do read these:

The Life and Times of Renata Harul – My very Asian friend Megan’s blog. She calls herself that. I swear.

A Math Knauft – My not so Asian friend Andrew’s blog. He does not call himself this. He also needs to update his blog link.

Light Shine Brightly – My friend, who happens to be Asian, Angie’s blog. She likes stars and shines brightly.

Sam is Home – A blog about cafes, hotels, travel, food, and a lot of white space. This is where I learned what a ‘flat-lay’ is.

A Cup of TJ – A blog about travel, photography, and digital nomadism. My ideal life between the ages of 12-28. Every so often, now as well. Learned a lot about breaking out and doing your ‘thang’ from TJ.

Yes and Yes – I’ve learned a lot about blogging, life, and how to not be ashamed of my penchant to make lists from this writer.

The Financial Diet – The beginner’s guide to financial independence.

Pathway Community Church Missions Blog – My church’s missions blog. Portland 2017!


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