Blogging history

Early 2002 — Blog platform: Blogspot. Blog name: Bunnyhoparound (defunct)

2002-2010 — Blog platform: Livejournal. Blog name: Bunnyhoparound

2008-2012 — Blog platform: Blogspot/Blogger. Blog name: thischildleftbehind

2011 — Blog platform: WordPress. Blog name: awesomesadday

2008-2016 — Blog platform: Tumblr. Blog name: Hermit Mode

2012-present — Blog platform: WordPress. Blog name: bonng (this one…duh)

Q: What is with all the start-and-stop blogging?

A: In the beginning – the first two blogs or so – I was writing just to write and publish something. It was fun. I did it as a hobby. Which I still do, but back then my blogs had less direction, and were more on-this-day-I-did-this-and-it-was-cool/not cool. There was not a lot of editing involved. I just wrote what I thought at that moment, and I pressed the “publish” button immediately thereafter.

My third blog, thischildleftbehind, started as a place where I could process all the things I was learning in teaching school and the first 1.5 years of my professional life.  Reading my old posts make me realize how far I’ve come, not just as an educator but personally as well.

Then the middle of my second year of teaching happened. It was bad, and it involved a lot of detentions, referrals, tears, and culminated in a violent student melt-down in my class. I needed a break from blogging about teaching in the way that I had been blogging: complaints, a lot of sarcasm, a lot of whining.

I picked it up again a few months after, on a new platform with a new blog and a new direction. I think I’ve found a good writing voice that fits me, but only time will tell whether this one still stick or not.


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