New reads?

I've been working my way through this notebook since Thanksgiving. I write a page a week, following the prompts. Each prompt has 2 pages, and I intend on using the other page next year, adding to the lists and re-reading my previous year's lists. Recently, I came across List 8: List your favorite quotes. I... Continue Reading →


When student work goes right

When grading a recent test, I stumbled upon quite a few gems of student work that I shared either on my private Instagram or SnapChat. My teacher friends, and friends who are parents, got a kick out of all the random student responses of the 'so wrong it's funny' way. The kind that gets published... Continue Reading →

A tour around my classroom walls

I had never really let the idea of how aesthetics affect my mood sink in until rather late in the game. In fact, I remember clearly one of my college friends and I going to the career center on UCD's campus and taking a personality/career test. The question of whether or not aesthetics affects your... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on math homework

How did I blog for so long without having a dedicated post to this most controversial of topics? I guess I posted a little bit about it here and here, but nothing comprehensive. Nothing that fills out the story, especially specifically about math homework. My observations on a student's point of view of homework: Let's... Continue Reading →

Reading: Joan Aiken children’s classics, part 2

::My original post completely disappeared for some reason. Here's a re-write. But I can't guarantee that everything from before is still here...:: It's time for part 2 of Joan Aiken's children's classics. For part 1, click here. Dangerous Games ( picks up Dido's New World adventures from where we left off previously in The Stolen Lake... Continue Reading →

Polyup: The cutest A.I.

Back in September, I attended a super secret user feedback panel for a brand new math app called Polyup. Since then, I've been working with them on and off on setting up structures that allow Polyup to be more accessible for the day-to-day teacher and their many goings-ons in their classrooms. I've learned so much... Continue Reading →

A tour of my classroom desk

It's high time for a view of my desk so that I record what it looks like if only for posterity's sake. There's a few things to note before the desk tour, version 2018: 1) I lean towards minimalistic, utilitarian, styles. There will be no gratuitous photos that look like the Dollar Store threw up... Continue Reading →

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