Fall morning routine

I love the GRWM tag. There’s something nosey and completely satisfying about studying how people get ready for their day. It’s a glimpse into the rest of their life, their mental state, their personality.


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My morning routine changes with each season. I would love to have so much time on my hands that I can film and edit a GRWM, perhaps some day, but for now, I’ll just describe a typical workday morning routine during the months of October-November.

5:00 AM – Wake up alarm. I might actually wake anywhere from 15-30 minutes before my alarm actually sounds. I might also fall back asleep for another 15-30 minutes. I would like to be part of a sleep study at some point to figure out what is going on with my sleep cycle. But my alarm is so early because I like to give myself that wiggle room to get out of whatever stage of sleep I’m in properly. I just feel so much more refreshed for the rest of the day that way.

5:30 AM – Slide out of bed, put the electric hot water kettle on. If I feel like a hot breakfast, like toast or eggs, I’ll put that on as well before heading to the bathroom. I tend to buy whatever is on sale in terms of toothpaste and mouthwash, but I’m pretty particular about skincare. I wash my face with this Neostrata cleanser combined with this Foreo Luna Go. I started using the Go this summer, and because it isn’t rechargeable and is only good for 100 uses or so, I wanted to use up its battery before I went back to my Mini. Then I’ll use this, this, and this, in that order. My pores get clogged super easily, so I try to go light on products in the morning, although I do layer up on the Innisfree Soy Bean Essence.

5:45 AM – By this time, whatever I had going on in the kitchen is most likely done. I’ll put the final touches of breakfast together and then open up my laptop and put the news on. Lately, I’ve been watching the previous night’s PBS NewsHour.

6:10 AM – This is probably my favorite time of the day. I like the discipline of routines, but I also get bored easily. I make this work for me by letting this be whatever I need it to be. If I need some exercise, I’ll do some pilates. If I need to clean and pick up around the house, I’ll do that. If I got home late the night before and didn’t let Chin out to play, I’ll do that. Writing, journaling, reading, coloring, small chores like watering the plants, doing the dishes, making the bed, cleaning out my school bag, wiping down surfaces…whatever tasks that would clear my head and help me to focus on the heavier stuff, I’ll do that.

6:35 AM – Time to make myself look professional! I use this, thisthis (in the color sand to conceal and then later in light to highlight), this, this, this, and this. Also in that order. It sounds like a lot of products when I list it out, but I do it all super minimally. I also put my clothes out the night before, so I can get from lounging mode to 看人 (‘see people’) mode in 10 minutes or less.

6:45 AM – I’m out the door to carpool with a colleague. Spare the air and collaboration all at once!

7:25 AM – Our usual ETA to school. I unpack my bag, put away finished grading in the to-be-returned box, make the final touches to that day’s lesson including preparing any materials that might be needed, and then finally open my email to work on replies and Google Drive tasks until students start coming in for tutoring or when class starts at 8:45 AM.

What’s your morning routine?


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  1. I am a fan of innisfree. I am going to look into some of the other products, specifically the Go. Love the GRWM post.

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