Preparing for the first day of school

Lots of schools are already back in session by now. As of the posting of this entry, my site just had our 4th annual staff retreat.

However, as of the writing and scheduling of this post, I’m still deep in summer mode: Summer school just ended, I watched a friend be a sea urchin in a local production of The Little Mermaid, I hosted my cousin and we walked the Golden Gate bridge and had brunch in Sausalito, I hung out with additional friends and our activities included pilates in the park, lunches, dinners, boba, ice cream, shopping, and baby-sitting a pair of hilarious, bilingual kiddos. I hosted a bridal shower, am in the middle of planning a baby shower as well as excursions to Redding, Santa Cruz which includes a wedding, and visiting family in Hong Kong. A very productive summer 2017.


Yet, the first day of school is stewing at the back of my mind. I officially received my teaching assignment a few weeks ago and am happy to find that my Math 8 intervention (Boosters) has been moved up in the day to first period, Math 8 EL is back, and I have prep during 6th period – the period when I’m at my lowest energy level. This year, I’ll be thankful to have that period as a break, and my colleagues teaching those tough Math 8 classes at the end of the day will have an empty buddy classroom to send any misbehaviors for a time-out.

This fall, I’m going to experiment with a completely online syllabus. The only paperwork I’m going to send home to my students is a half-sheet for parents to sign and return if they need a hard-copy of my classroom info. If they don’t return it, I’m going to assume that they don’t need one.

When crafting my new class website and online syllabus, my masters work with instructional design came in super handy. Here’s my new site, if you wish to peruse it. I’m open to comments, suggestions, and questions.

The first day of school at my site is anticipated to be a minimum assembly day. Meaning each class period will be around 20 minutes long, with an hour for the assembly near the end of the day. That will be kind of weird, but there’s not much action that can be done on the first day of school anyway. I will probably only get a chance to introduce myself and the class, set expectations, and handout the above mentioned half-sheet.

What are your plans for your first day of school?


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