Reading for inspiration

My school district has been a member of SVMI for as long as I can remember.


This past school year, I actually went to some of their PD days. One of the PD days included the California Mathematics Council conference at Asilomar, CA.

And part of attending that conference meant a subscription to the CMC and their quarterly newsletter, the ComMuniCator.

Not that I have the time to read, although I suppose I can bring one with me on the plane to DC. The thing is, they are paper bound magazines, and not glossies, so I fear for their durability on a chaperoning field trip. Especially when they actually contain things I would like to use in my classroom.

The first first edition I received contained a dodecahedron 2017 calendar. I printed the template out on card stock and gave it to my students to make on their last day of school before winter break. It was super fun. However, one of the science teachers at my school had already used an origami dodecahedron template, so it wasn’t as cool for many of my students. It did make for an easier time cutting and folding these, so give-and-take, yes?

I’m next interested in the article about strengthening multiplication skills. The intervention students often come to us with VERY WEAK basic facts skills. I haven’t read the article and the lessons thoroughly yet. When I do, I’ll implement it in the fall and make a post about it later.

What kind of math teaching readings do you recommend?


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