Light at the end

Wow. Haven’t blogged in 3 months.

Life hasn’t quite been a tunnel – actually more like those spinning cups and saucers ride. But the two main things that have taken up 99% of my time and attention are beginning to wrap up: 1) the school year, and 2) my masters program. So…yay!


Had a very relaxing and delightful spring break. I spent a lot of that time just recharging my batteries, doing basically nothing but yet feeling so productive at the same time. Never underestimate the power of down-time: long walks in nature, daily naps, pilates with friends, fuzzy therapy, decluttering, and a good banh mi turns around my mood any day.

Looking for some good books to read over the summer. I haven’t read new things in such a long time, at least not books. I’ve been sticking to my old favorites, like Harry Potter. I love re-reading favorites, but if I do only that for too long, then my brain gets kind of mushy. Almost as mushy as too much TV (or Youtube, in my case…).

So more reading it is! Especially Christian books. I’ve never had that much experience with Christian books. I’m kind of a purist in the way that I like to stick with only Bible reading, and perhaps some study books. But I know I’m missing a lot of historical connections and theological ideas by avoiding them. Any suggestions out there, internet?

Looking forward to a whole bunch of things this summer. Chaperoning the 8th grade Washington DC trip. Then the summer school college and career camp teaching the engineering strand again. After that is perhaps a missions trip with my church youth group. Then two professional development events that I’m looking forward to a lot. Then bridesmaid for a high school friend. Then off to visit the homeland, Hong Kong! By the time I get back, it’ll be staff retreat and the start of school again. Crammed packed summer, just the way I like it.


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