An exercise in positivity

1. Got the flu/a severe cold this weekend. It doesn’t seem to be able to decide what it is yet. One minute, I’m achey and shaky with what feels like a fever, and the next I’m up and about with nothing but the sniffles and a tickle in my throat. Had to skip out on a friend’s wedding festivities Saturday and pretty much stayed home doing nothing but drink hot lemon water and watch Downton Abbey. On the plus side: I feel ok enough to work, and I got to sneak in a couple grading sessions with a buddy in between doses of Nyquil.

2. Got my car broken into. At first, I thought a raccoon had gotten in my car and up-turned a trash can into the front and back seats. But my car door was ajar, and all the trash was mine, and they even somehow got into the trunk to steal my air pump for flat tires. On the plus side: Besides the air pump and the garage door opener to my parent’s house, nothing was taken. Not even the fastrak still attached to my windshield (partially hidden behind the rearview mirror – and I did that on purpose!). Nothing was broken either – not a window, not a door. They probably used some sort of flat hook to jimmy up the lock on the driver’s side. All the other doors were still locked. It’s a mystery as to how they got into the trunk though. No material damages, although I do feel a bit violated. But in 22 years of driving, if this is my first time having my car broken into, then it’s a pretty good stat, relatively speaking.

3. An overwhelming amount of work. I feel like Hamiliton in the song Non-Stop. It’s been non-stop. I’ve been running with all cylinders firing since winter break. If it’s not lesson planning for myself, then it’s lesson planning for other people. If it’s not grading my student’s homework, it’s doing my own homework for grad school. If it’s not work or school related, it’s home related. And if it’s not work OR school OR home related, it’s social related, and then the cycle begins anew before the old one has properly ended. On the plus side: Staying busy is never a bad thing, at least for me. And it’s nice to have people who ask for your advice, or miss you when you’re not around, or to collaborate on projects with. It’s nice to feel needed.

Just not too much. ;p


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