Chinchin the Chinchilla

A quick assignment from my instructional design class. Starring: Chinchin!


2 thoughts on “Chinchin the Chinchilla

  1. Oh my goodness! She ATE the window ledge! How did she even get up there? I hope there’s has been no strangeness in her digestion/evacuation routine.
    On a side note, my junior year roommate had a hamster in our room. She was on top of a desk. One night she escaped from her cage and proceed to chew the carpet under our door (it was closed) all the way down to the concrete. For the rest of the year we had the hole covered over with at towel and duct tape.

  2. *there
    Just to clarify, I didn’t do a good job of separating the subject from the pronoun. I want to clarify that it was the hamster that escaped and chewed.

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