T-Break, 2016

I know I always say this each time a school break occurs, but the feeling has been the one emotional constant for me in recent memory:

I love no school weeks!

Perhaps it’s because of this that I’m so into lifestyle vloggers? In any case, it’s been a restful, productive few days of recharging. Since Thanksgiving break started – and for me, I define ‘started’ by the moment the last bell rang on Friday – I’ve:

  • Finished grading all homework, quizzes, and tests! YASS!! This whole new resolve to stay on top of the paperwork is working out for me really, really well.


  • Did all my laundry! Folded and put it away properly as well, not just tossing it on any clean horizontal surface and letting it sit there until the next time I wear it. Not that I’ve ever done that…ahem…
  • Visited home. Made dinner. Cleaned and organized, and shared my free Netflix account with family. It’s nice to hang out with family. They are the ones that know me the best, and put up with me the most, and are always ok with sharing.
  • Contacted friends in far away places. A little jealous that a couple of them are currently in New Zealand and Iceland. Just another quarter or two and my bank account would have recovered from two international trips, bridesmaids duty, and grad school tuition…and then the personal travel planning will recommence!
  • Wrote my masters project proposal. Need to revise it before submitting, but I’m essentially done. Yay! One more assignment to go: If only the Photoshop class instructor would actually let us in on what this last assignment is going to be…


  • Binge watch Gilmore Girls in preparation for Nov. 25th’s release of A Year in the Life. It’s so weird that I’m currently older than Lorelai was at the first episode of season 1. WEIRD.
  • Reignited my love affair with panettone.

There’s 6 more days left of Thanksgiving break. There’s plenty left that I would like to do, but if school were to start again tomorrow, I would be happy with how I spent my time off. I girl can’t ask for a better break.



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