Some thoughts

I finally learned how to properly de-seed a pomegranate. Will be eating as many of these as I can during the season for them.


The Crown is my current new show obsession. Thanks for the 3rd free month over the past 5 years, Netflix!

Presidents do not have as much power as some may think they do. But that doesn’t make the terror of deportation that some of my students are facing currently any less real.

Trying to be a better friend by scheduling more hang-out time. But must be 1-on-1, at least I until my social, outgoing muscles have had a break from the daily grind.

Principal called meeting to address emotions. The solutions that would soothe these emotions were not taken. Emotions are still not addressed.

Forgot to go to church and help out with Operation Christmas Child today. Oops. I’m such a flake.

On the other hand, I enjoyed a day of productive grading, cleaning, cooking, and getting myself mentally prepped for the week of school before Thanksgiving break.


Apples and peanut butter are awesome.

When did Royal Dansk cookies include a coconut one in their line up?! And who am I going to give all these coconut flavored cookies to??!! Anyone? Help, please?


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts

  1. Royal Dansk has had coconut for quite some time. It may have replaced the “raisin” one. I like the swirly ones and the pretzel-shaped sugar crystal coated.

    • Oh! I remember the raisin one now! I wasn’t a fan of that one either…

      Your favorites are my favorites too! 🙂

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