Back to school…oh, wait

Lots happened in the past month. Went to the symphony and felt very grown up. Got sucked into the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Summer school ended with rave reviews and promises of a job next year. My best friend from childhood got married. AVID Summer Institute 2016 happened. Visited my best friend from middle and high school in SD, and played nerts like old times. Had good conversations with new friends, and old colleagues. Found the best new skincare product ever. Found the best. EYELINER. EVER. Officially started the slow move of all my stuff from my parent’s place to my own place (finally). Escaped the room! Interviewed for new hires for the 8th time this year, and finally found a some that would stick and not drop out on us a week before school started. Was overwhelmed by gifts and good wishes and love on my birthday. Got into some very heated spiritual conversations about being ‘genuinely saved.’ Ended my subscription to Ipsy, and did a trial box from StitchFix (StitchFix is better, but Ipsy is cheaper).

Oh, and school started up again.


It’s the 9th day of the 2016-2017 school year today. My Deathly Hallows year. So far, I’ve spent the first week and a half of school running around helping our new hires get settled in and teaching them how to manage their classroom, placement testing and math waiver-ing, losing and finding my new flash drive, enjoying the new collaboration schedule and carpooling with a colleague, and managing to keep my head above the paperwork-drowning point. Barely.

Oh, and I also taught an 8th grader the meaning of place value today. Until now, he had no idea that the 7 digit in 970 means 7 tens. Actually, I’m not sure he still understands.

Eh. I’ll try again tomorrow.


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