Thankful for…rice!

Last week, I thought I misplaced by usb flash drive with all my school files on it, and my almost stopped.

Then, after looking around and around, turning everything inside out and upside down…I found it…in the laundry machine. After the cycle was already done. My heart stopped again.

I immediately put it in some rice and let it sit for the whole week.


….it works! Yay! I’m so thankful!

And now, I will make a backup copy onto my external hard drive. I’m also going to stock up on some more usb flash drives during the back-to-school sales and make an additional copy to keep at home. The main one will travel with me.

I’m also thankful for the cloud, and for my colleagues and I emailing ourselves documents back and forth. I’m sure I could have recreated everything by pulling from Google Drive, or my school email, or DropBox, or even trace it back to the hard copy in my classroom. But that would have been such. A. Pain. Especially after I had already edited all my notes and homework assignments for the first two chapters of Math 8.

Lesson learned. Let’s put a key ring on this precious physical manifestation of all my work, research, ideas, and records. And back it up!



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