Meet Carty! And other things

I’ve had such a wonderful weekend – the best in a very, very long time. It felt good to go home and see my family. We got a new pet bunny! Naps! Home-cooked meals! Locating my long-lost blood orange scented perfume! Getting mundane stuff done, like confirming an upcoming dentist appointment, and laundry. Decluttering and organizing! Did I mention the bunny? So. Cute.


Look at that face. He fell asleep on me too. Lovely, fluffy, warm, cuteness.

I also took the time to reflect a little bit of my 2016 self-defined theme of ‘The year of doing things that scare me.” I’ve decided……that not a lot of things scare me. Not a lot of actions I mean. Family members dying, and having Donald Trump as president scare me. Actually, I’m starting to be a bit scared of Hillary Clinton being president as well. But it turns out that I’m scared of events. I’m not scared of action.


That is not to say that there aren’t things that challenge me. Having a student teacher this year was a challenge – I can’t say I was terribly successful at teaching someone else how to teach. It was a challenge to my mental capacity for having people hang out and shadowing me. Not her fault – she’s actually a very big improvement from my first student teacher in all aspects. I’m just not used to having to explain every little thing to someone.

On the other hand, living by myself has NOT been a challenge. I rather enjoy it. I can feel so lonely sometimes, when in a crowd, but I’ve never once felt lonely when I’m in my own home by myself. Super thankful for this peaceful refuge.

Other challenges so far in 2016:

– Keeping my head in BSF. Revelations was a dozy, and it didn’t help that I was always super exhausted on Mondays. Thankful to take a break from it next year.
– Going to small group. Same reason as above.
– Eating healthy, getting enough rest and exercise. Super. Challenge. Time should never be an excuse. I have just as much time in the day as everyone else in the world. I can cook a non-processed food meal and get some P.I.I.T in. But it was a challenge.
– Teaching. It’s been a struggle to keep my head in the game here as well. I’ve been so distracted by administrative duties, mentor teacher stuff, and whatnot, that I haven’t focused on my students learning as I know I can.

Other surprising, non-challenges:

– Making contact with far-flung friends and family. Gotta love FaceTime and WhatsApp.
– Money. Despite now having mortgage, HOA fees, unshared utilities, property taxes, and home insurance as added expenses. I’m so thankful for God’s provision.
– Getting together with friends, being extroverted in group settings, and just being more comfortable around people in general. 2016 has been the most social [and the most hermit-y] year I’ve experienced since high school [when I was also both super social, and super hermit-y; weird combination, yeah I know]

To summarize: I’ll edit my year’s theme a bit from daily things that scare me, to daily things that challenge me. More action. Less waiting for events to occur.


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