Pre-travel stress

I love airports. I love traveling. TSA regulations, over-crowded flights, bad plane food, and super dry plane air won’t stop me.

But catching a ride to the airport will. Because sometimes, you can’t get a ride. Sometimes, there’s no one to take you, or the timing is off, or it’s a bother and inconvenience to people so you don’t want to ask.

I know there’s Uber and Lyft, and BART, and shuttles, and airport parking (which is what I decided to do in the end this time), but sometimes that’s out of the question too, as they all hold an additional cost in time and money.

The pre-travel part is stressful. I wouldn’t mind wide-spread, commercial use of instant-transporters.

But that also is rather scary too, as explained by CGP Grey:

Short of anything life-threatening, or events completely out of my control, I vow to always, always, always get friends and family to the airport. They can ask, I’ll say yes. They tell me about their travel plans, and I’ll offer. Period.


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