(Home) Schooling Styles

One of my best and oldest friends has two of the most adorable kids on the planet. I love Facetiming them, watching their antics, showing them around on a very small video tour of my very small condo, and catching up with them whenever I can in person.

My friend, J, was also a fellow math major, tutor, and now she homeschools her kids. We have a lot of Bechel-test-passing conversations about math, teaching, teaching math, and the juggle of life in general.

During a recent phone call, she told me about various home-school teaching styles, and I was so curious that I took a quiz right then and there. J explained a few of the terms that I was unfamiliar with and I ended up with these at the top of my list from this site:

  1. Montessori with a score of 19
  2. Charlotte Mason and Classical tied at 14

I wasn’t very familiar with the names (except perhaps for Montessori), but after reading the descriptions, it seemed to fit. Teaching-style wise, I very much enjoy making connections with the current topic to previously learned topics inside, and out of math. Just inside of math alone, everything is connected to something else. I’m also a bit more hands-off, more of ‘the guide on the side’, stories and logic are very important, but I also emphasize fluency of basic facts.

This is probably one of the most accurate online personality quizzes I’ve ever taken. Perhaps even more accurate than the blobla one:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 10.18.33 PM

It’s nice to take the time to reflect and think about what kind of teacher I am, what my style is, and the whys of how I ended up being the person I am at this moment. Gives me a glimpse of the purpose for this life that is given to me, which has been something I’ve found very difficult lately. Who am I? What am I here for? Still no complete answers, but a little closer with each reflection.


2 thoughts on “(Home) Schooling Styles

  1. Hmm I scored a -7 for “traditional education”. The trouble is, I’m not going to teach a room full of kids that I’ll see for 1 year (maybe 2) the same way I’d teach my own kid 1-on-1 for 12 years.

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