Downton Finale

I suppose I’m a bit late to the party, as the Downton Abbey series finale aired nearly a month ago in the US. From the beginning, I highly enjoyed watching this show. I liked how there were only a handful of episodes each year. I liked the anticipation during the wait for the next season.


I’ve been rewatching the entire show this past month, one episode at a time. Today, it suddenly dawned on me that Downton started the year I started teaching. 6 years of television drama for the Crawleys = 6 years of middle school drama for me.

So much has happened in 6 years. It doesn’t seem like I have changed that much when I go about on my day-to-day business, but I suppose what Michelle Dockery said about how “it feels like a completely different show” is true for me too.

6 years of morphing includes:

– Going from a flip phone with only a voice plan, to a smartphone that has more memory than my first computer

– Feeling successful teaching during my first year, to feeling not so successful now

– Renting here and there, to finally having a place to call my own

– Going from a super introverted person, to a semi-introverted person…or at least I can now operated more extrovertedly at the drop of a dime

In addition, I’ve met significant travel and financial goals, as well as a decent amount of personal and professional goals. It’s been a good 6 years, and I’m thankful for the blessings.

Downton’s happy ending merged with Edith finally being happy and out-ranking all of her family members. I wrote about how I like Edith’s story line the most here, although we can’t call her a spinster now. Her finale was worth the wait, and her character has morphed to someone who goes less with the flow of what is expected, and more with taking more action on the direction of her life. There’s a lesson in that.

I’m sad to not have another year of anticipating and waiting for Downton to return. But I also see the worth of wrapping up a story and putting a period at the end. Then, a new story can begin.


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