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So very thankful that March is here and the crazy month of February – aka ‘Season of Crazy 2016’ is over!

I’ve always wondered how people juggle it all – career, family, a social life, personal projects, basic housekeeping, healthy habits like a regular sleep and exercise schedule…but the fact is, I’m pretty sure they don’t! I certainly don’t. Like Shonda Rhimes says, ‘When I’m being successful at one thing, I’m almost certainly failing at another.’

My successes from the past month:
– Integrating newly learned math and ELD strategies into my daily lessons
– Guiding my student teacher through her mid-year review
– Talking other colleagues off the ledge
– Bringing the MathCounts club to competition and seeing one of them reach the Top 12 in the East Bay regionals!
– Managing all math department stuff on my own, without my co-chair
– Spending quality time with my parents and the Sacramento cousins
– Going on a date through CMB (more on this later)
– Teaching Sunday school to 4-5 year olds
– Getting better from an awful, awful cold and the King of Phlegm that lasted 2+ weeks
– Getting my bedroom and hall closet (or what would be a hall closet if I had any hallways) remodeled (Thanks, Dad!)
– Replacing the bathroom exhaust fan (also props to Dad!)
– Being patient and finally getting a new iPhone 6+
– Facetiming and long-distancing with one of my best friends J
– Organizing for another best friend’s bridal shower + bachelorette stuff
– Planning for upcoming trip to Japan
– Getting organized for masters program in the fall
– Applying to, and pitching ideas for, summer school programs
– Presenting at CLS North with my colleagues
– Prepping and planning for 6 sub days (I swear, what with days off, PD days, and other sub days, this past week was the first time I’ve been in my own classroom for a full week since before winter break!)
– Helping a friend move house

My failures from the past month:
– AWOL from the Group since December (lots of thoughts on this…more later)
– Missed BSF twice in a row; neglecting to do the homework properly
– Forgetting birthdays
– Being double booked and missing red egg parties, dinners, and other hang outs
– Back-log of grading…the biggest back-log I’ve ever experienced!
– Not catching academic and behavior issues like I normally would
– Lack of communication in general on my end
– Not getting taxes done yet
– Not actually getting the masters application done yet
– SUPER messy house
– Falling off the BBG wagon
– Some unhealthy eating habits
– Not taking the time for God
– The most wasted food from my kitchen that I’ve EVER had
– Not finishing #Mtbos

I might have more on the successes list, but some of the items on my failures list are pretty big, especially in terms of relationships, health, and spending time with God. Still, the best I can do is the best I can, and try again tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Null Set

  1. Bonnie,
    I have definitely missed you. I’m glad that the king of phlegm had been subdued. Congrats also to the math team!

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