Good professional development day

I’ve been to my fair share of professional development for teachers, both self-inflicted and district or school site mandated. I’ve had good, not so good, and down right snore-fest experiences.


I’ve discovered the PDs that I like the best include the following things consistently:

  • Well organized, and knowledgable presenter(s)
  • Freedom to personalize whatever we are being trained on for ourselves
  • Positive, receptive people who are wiling to learn and share
  • A block of time to collaborate, plan, and/or reflect, and set our own goals
  • Some sort of accountability for all (turning in a piece of work that we did that day, etc)
  • Food

Today was a good one. I walked in a bit late and bit flustered, but was able to get some things done with my same-grade-level-cross-site team. We discussed a performance task assessment, the matching rubric for it, when we’ll give it, and what we’ll do next time we meet pertaining to it.

My group is usually the most efficient – given an hour to do any task, we’ll only take about 20-25 minutes. I spent the rest of that time prepping for a math department presentation to the PTA. Gotta love clickable agendas and Google docs!

Most of all, I liked the hour-long lunch at my favorite Chinese take-out place near my district’s office.


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