Ok, here we go


I didn’t know there was such a thing as the Math Teacher Blogosphere until very recently. I skimmed a bit of the blogs/twitters of these people and they all seem so. Very. Impressive.

Which makes the task joining this one month of blogging prompts all that more intimidating. I like teaching, and I like math, but I don’t always blog about it. Which is rather strange because I wrote pages and pages of Google Docs everyday during my first two years teaching. It was a routine of mine once I’ve made all the students skee-daddle, or after all those afternoon meetings, I would spent a good solid hour reflecting on the day: What went wrong? What went right? What did I notice about my students, or myself, or my colleague, or the job, or the curriculum, or the school, or education in general?

I had to submit weekly reflections to my BTSA mentor, which is partly why I did that. The other part, however, was simply to WRITE. I write to think. I haven’t been writing of late. Which means I haven’t been thinking. Or at least, I haven’t been thinking of things other than, where I can buy the cheapest avocados? Or, do I have enough time to squeeze in a load of laundry?

So a friend invited me to this (if you are reading this, Hi Andrew!). I was at school at the time, and couldn’t open the link, but it sounded super cool, so I said I would do it.

And then all the Very Impressive Math Teacher/Bloggers/Renaissance Men and Women scrolled past my vision, and I balked a bit.

The me from my BTSA days would have backed out and claimed to be too green to contribute much of anything.

The me from the euphoric time of being tenured, promoted to department chair, and becoming master/mentor teacher to 2 student teachers in the shortest amount of time possible would have welcomed the challenge. Where did that me go? With all the hopes and dreams of finishing that master’s degree! Getting National Board Certified! Obtaining an admin credential! And becoming Secretary of Education! Then retiring into the world of academia and writing books! What happened?

Instead, the me of today has no shame posting about how I got yelled at by a parent, but still deserve good things, and then proceed to write about girly TV and Korean skincare products. All the while hating on crazy landlords and landladies and living the spinster life. With about 2 sentences dedicated to the destruction of student test papers by leaking water bottle:


On a professional, math teacher blogosphere.

The nice ones out there will wonder why I joined their world to begin with. The not so nice ones will flame my blog out of existence, remotely. From the computer chips that they surgically implanted in their brains. Computer chips which they made themselves with a 3D printer they bought with the money they made on speaking tours. With surgery done by themselves, on themselves. While saving the world one math student at a time.

Oh well. So what if I’m not as ambitious, or as knowledgable, or as driven, or as enthusiastic – not just compared to these Very Impressive Math Teacher-Bloggers, but with my previous self?

So what? I’m old. I tell youngsters to get off my lawn, and then make them mow it when they break my front windows playing baseball. I’m with Shonda Rhimes and her ShondaLand of No Shame. I’m the teacher that will call it a good day when no one ends up punching another person in the face. More than once.

No shame. No fear.

So, here goes.


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