It seems like every time I update this humble blog of mine, it’s to list the many changes that’s occurred. I’m so used to change now that I’m beginning to not sympathize with the people who tell me how they dislike the changes in their lives.

The changes in my life have been like the clouds – slowly building amongst a lot of factors that change its shape and type, but quickly moving with the winds around the atmosphere. I’m so thankful for all these changes, one in particular is a long sought-after dream: after exactly a year of long, tedious work I am finally a home owner!

It’s small, and plain, currently a mess and with the squeakiest floor boards ever, but it’s a place I can call my own. It’s my haven. My place to rest alone as I like, or have company over as I like. I can bake and cook properly again. I can spread out my grading on the floor without getting in the way of my roommates – or being got in the way of by my roommates. I don’t have to deal with crazy landlords/landladies and their restricting rules. I don’t have to worry about being kicked out, or having some sort of change in my living situation that is outside of my control.

I officially moved in exactly a week ago. My dad keeps asking me if I’m used to it yet or not. It has been the easiest transition in my entire life up to now. I’m at a point in my life where I relish my solitude, because whenever I want company, there’s a good circle of friends, coworkers, and family that I can land myself amongst in the span of a phone call.

I’m so thankful for my parents who can still help me move, be there to open the door for the internet service setup person, and who will be nosy and poke around all my things because they are just so interested and invested. I’m thankful for my brother visiting this side of the planet just as the remainder of my life is in an upheaval (in a good way) to remind me of the past and how good I’ve had it. How good I still have it. I’m thankful that I am maintaining my mentality of ‘temporary traveler’ even with a home-base that I can call my own. If I say, great. If I end up picking up and moving along, also great. I am a home-owner, but I’m not tied down by my home.

I saw some fabulous clouds the other day this week as I was leaving work. They brought some much needed rain, and afterwards, they were fluffy and beautifully pure against a blue fall sky. They keep moving, and so do I.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Excellent post. I often like to think of the clouds as one of my best friends. I love the fluffy ones especially. Aside from the cloud part though, I have been experiencing a lot of change in my life as well.

  2. This felt like a powerful piece of writing to me. It is good to be thankful for things in life and change can be good. Congratulations on becoming a home owner, I hope you enjoy your own home.

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