Summer 2015, weeks 6-8


Around late January, I had several plans for the summer floating around in my head. Would I do IISME again? I could use the money. Would I go to China? Which was what I ended up applying and preparing for from March through May.

Of course, I ended up in Hong Kong 2 months instead. And it’s been great. Fantastic, actually, much better than I initially thought it would be. I didn’t expect much, after all. Just went and was open to whatever came around my way. I went:

  • Digging for clams in Shui Hau
  • Sang karaoke HK-style (with a buffet!) all night
  • Celebrated the many summer birthdays amongst my extended family and got to spend so much time with them over dim sum, lunches, afternoon teas, and dinners
  • When to Tai O for sight-seeing, and lost my iPhone 6
  • Grew up a bit in my own mind while taking my cousin’s kids around for eggette waffles sundaes and doing the complete swimming+bowling+foosball+pool+bbq at my parent’s clubhouse
  • Went to Macau to soak up some history and wander the tunnels that are known as The Shoppes of Cotai+Four Seasons+Venetian
  • Spent quiet hours at the local library and coffee shops enjoying some respite from the 80%+ humidity with combat level a/c
  • Refilled my closet and makeup bag with new clothes and skincare products
  • Enjoyed swims in a 60 meter wide pool, complete with a mock-sand beach and waterfall
  • Spent a fun afternoon at the HK Heritage Museum
  • House-hunted with cousins and shared mutual war stories over loans, locations, and withheld info
  • Watched all 7 seasons of Parks and Rec
  • Celebrated the upcoming arrival of a new cousin
  • Saw Terminator Genisys, Minions and Inside Out in theaters
  • Enjoyed views from tall towers
  • Caught up with some US friends who are now expats

Looking back at the list, it seems like I did a lot with everyday having some sort of activity when in fact, most days I spent more hours puttering around at home reading, watching Youtube videos, cleaning, and constantly sweeping the floor. It gets amazingly dusty in HK.

I’m glad I got a chance to rest and enjoy some solid, extended leisure time. I had two school years, a summer of cubicle work, and a super big down swing in mood to recover from all at once. I’m ::almost:: ready for the school year to begin again. This morning I got an email from the high school kids who volunteer for the MathCount’s club at my school. In writing the reply, I got super excited and happy anticipating all the new projects in store for the year, as well as refining the old routines.

But…two more weeks of summer 2015 to go! Let’s make sure to continue to enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2015, weeks 6-8

  1. I went to the cinema to see Minions and Inside Out as well. I enjoyed both, especially taking my 4 year old nephew to see the Minions.

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