Digital Education

Recently, I watched a CPG Grey video calledDigital Aristotle: Thoughts on the Future of EducationSuper interesting; and I agree on it’s premise that the profession of teaching in the way that I am involved in it now will sooner or later become extinct. I agree – but the thought does nevertheless freak me out.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.14.12 PMI’m most freaked out because I watched CPG Grey’s video barely 36 hours after I created my own YouTube channel, Teach Ng Math. I’ve been spending my summer surfing YouTube videos, mainly anything related to Game of Thrones and stuff by Michelle Phan. Because summer brings out a thirst for medieval violence as well as all things skin care related.

Vlog header July 2015

But now a new thought shakes me: when I created this channel to teach math – intended for both students and for teachers – am I essentially replacing myself with a robot version of me? Am I part of my own eventual destruction? Asking these questions are definite hints that I’m wrapping my identity MUCH too closely to my job as a teacher than is good for me, just like I used to wrap my identity around being a 4.0 student much too closely.

Still, there are 8 education related YouTubers featured in the end credits of CPG Grey’s video, plus CPG Grey himself. Out of those 9 people, only one is female (the icon with the notebook page open, YouTuber Vihart). Which is sad, considering that the majority of classroom teachers are female.

I started this particular YouTube channel for other reasons (a whole summer of do-nothings, the inspiration of Michelle Phan, and needed to practice in preparation for switching to a new textbook in the fall), but I guess I’m also adding breaking the glass ceiling in digital education to the list as well.


One thought on “Digital Education

  1. I feel the same way myself about becoming obsolete and the new digital world. I hope you keep up the good work of breaking the glass ceiling in digital education. 🙂

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