Homes, homes everywhere and not one to call my own, part 2

Remember back when I wrote this? Well, for the third time in 14 months I will need to move. This time, my landlord is giving my room to one of his friends who lost his job and needs a place to crash.

I first learned of this from my new roommate, H, about 3-4 weeks ago. I wasn’t too comfortable having a strange guy move in with us, especially when all three of us are sharing one bathroom. H was ok with it only if she wasn’t the only girl in the house. And she knew I had planned on traveling this summer, which would leave her alone in the house with the strange guy.

I waited for my landlord to tell me directly himself on what he wanted to do, since H said he would speak to me about it as well – which was my mistake. This landlord is NOT a direct person. I should have picked up on that, but I was distracted with work, a much more active social life than is normal for me, illness in my family, and my own home buying efforts.

Due to his indirectness, he didn’t notify me of this change himself until last Monday. I met his out of work friend too, and we had a chat. I asked for a couple days to think about it, and my landlord said he would let me think about it.

Which he did not.

So, I thought about it and replied to him on Tuesday that I would give it a try. My landlord by then already agreed to another tenant who would help H outnumber the guy.

I feel so used and a bit shafted. But then, I didn’t sign a contract when I moved into this place and the rent is super cheap. I guess it was to be expected.

So, once again my possessions are in an upheaval. It’s hard to trust God when it seems like He doesn’t even care that I keep getting kicked out of my living situation. Nor does He allow an opportunity to purchase a home of my own.

Offer #1 in September 2014 fell through because it was a BMR & the property was under litigation, so no one would finance it.

Offer #2 and #3 in February and April respectively fell through because another buyer outbid me AND could pay it all in cash.

Offer #4 just this past week fell through because the seller is asking for much more than the place is worth. The seller bought it himself about 3 months ago for $140K, cleaned it up a bit, and is now asking for $255K. He had put it on the market and listed it for $219K, and I was attracted to the price tag. When I went to the open house yesterday and saw how small it was (just a studio), I was less attracted to it. And now when my realtor told me that the seller wants much more than what he listed, I knew he must be some sort of investor/house flipper. I won’t buy into that kind of hysterical price upping – not my style.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.34.56 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.34.26 PM

So. Moving my stuff back to my parent’s place for the summer. Then going to Hong Kong to attend my grandmother’s funeral and help my mom clean out her (my grandmother’s, not my mom’s) apartment. And I’ll either try to buy again in August, or look for a place to rent then.

Perhaps I’ll live in my car. Or in my classroom. Is that what you want me to do God? Or perhaps I should quit my current school and apply to a school closer to my parent’s house. At least I know I’m always welcome there.

In reality, I probably won’t do that. I love the school I’m at now. But a one or two more experiences like this might just change my mind.


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