Self Love


End of another school year! Almost. I’ve got about 4 more weeks of proper work, then I’m off for the summer, either teaching in China, or spending time in Hong Kong making my elderly grandmother comfortable…or both? I thought I had it all planned, and the thing was set, but it seems like God decided to put things in flux again. Hold loosely, but love a lot: that’s the lesson I’ve been learning this year.


Speaking of love, I’ve also learned a lot of self-love. The internet defines self-love to be:

Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

I’ve felt loved and taken care of by others lately. My friends go out of their way to spend time with me. My co-workers helped take some things off my plate. My uncle decided to buy me a high end purse. My parents convinced me to upgrade my dinosaur of an iPhone 3 to the iPhone 6 (awesome upgrade, I might add).

I’ve also spent more time taking care of myself. I used a nice smelling new lotion this week. I ate lots of healthy things (blueberries!) and got lots of sleep (exercise, on the other hand, is still elusive…working on that). I cleaned and organized and vacuumed and put things right at both work and home. I used a lot of aromatherapy essential oils (frankincense, bergamot + lavender, lemon + cedar wood, grapefruit).

As a result, I’ve felt at my best this week. I’ve been able to handle stressful situations and rude students at work with relaxed humor. I’ve been able to decompress fairly well and get some good sleep each night. Granted, I’ve also had a lot of coffee this week, so both my brain and body have been operating with caffeine to boost it up.

Still, I’ve had the hardest time treating myself nicely since…ever. It’s always others first. Don’t be selfish. Don’t be vain. Put others before yourself. They are worth more. I am worth less.

But I’m not. No one is worth less than any other person on earth. We have different types of worth, but not different values of it.

This next week, I’m going to consciously give myself a treat each day. An ice cream on Monday. A face mask on Tuesday, etc. The actual things I do might change, but the consciousness will remain the same.



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