All Things Girl 姊妹淘

I’m the first to admit that I’m super lazy when it comes to girly things: facials, masks, hair care, skin care, makeup, nail care, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. My morning and evening skin care routine consists of pretty much the same thing every day – cleanse, toner, and moisturize either with a serum only, or with face cream – all of which would take 5 minutes max to complete.

On top of that, I use the simplest, and usually cheapest of products. There was a time when my mom bought me my first grown-up perfume from Duty Free, and I ended up breaking the entire bottle before the week was out.

All of which is to day that my girly-girl cousins (who taught me everything I know about all of the above) would be very disappointment in me. Every time I see them, they gasp over the state of my appearance. So unfinished! So plain! I get a scolding for being lazy, then I’m shuttled to the latest beauty and clothing stores in HK for a shopping spree.

But just because I’m lazy doesn’t mean I don’t love any of these things. I love putting on a Boscia black purifying mask, and satisfyingly pulling it off along with bunches of baby hairs and dead skin cells. I love the comfortable fragrance of a new serum or lotion. I thrill at the little bottles of nail color lined up like soldiers on display. I enjoy feeling the textures and cool cuttings of different clothes, and hearing the bright click of heels on the floor when trying out shoes.

But these things can be fairly expensive. So I was able to use the excuse of being lazy to protect my teacher’s salary from too much materialistic hedonism in the fashion and beauty department. I limited my purchases to quality things that I really enjoyed, and I extended their lives by rationing them. I can make an entire jar of cream last a whole year by making sure I wash my hands before I dip my fingers in the cream, and cleaning the lid and lip of the jar with alcohol wipes every so often.

My budget has expanded a bit, now that I’m 5 years in to my career. I still won’t shell out more than $40-50 on any one item, but at least I’ve graduated from Johnson’s Clean & Clear line (and if you are still using that, more power to you!…it’s just fairly drying for my skin now).

TVB_All_Things_GirlI came across this TVB show online recently after another round of depression and feeling bad about myself. I was just coming out of that fog, re-starting an exercise routine and being more disciplined about shutting down my computer by 8:30pm every night. This show inserted itself into my life with some energy and honesty.
maxresdefaultIt’s super fun to watch, with the added bonus of practicing my Canto listening skills. The show is hosted by 4 actresses/models/former miss Hong Kongs ranging in their 20s and 30s. Their guests are also celebrities who go on the show for a make over segment, which I appreciate because it sends the message that even when you are a celebrity and have the best of the best people working for you using the best of the best products, you probably still need some encouragement to keep going, a fresh perspective and constant maintenance of the energy required on appearance.
Picture 6There are other segments involving male guests sharing their favorite skin care products and how-to’s (without giving away the brand names, which I also liked – allows for some freedom for each individual to find what fits them, rather than product placement). There’s also some cultural, fitness, food, health, and self-help segments as well, which is also interesting to me. One’s outward appearance is intertwined with your inside – if you feel good on the inside, you’ll look good on the outside. If you try to give your face and skin a boost, it’ll affect your mood and lift your spirits.

As they say, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. This lazy woman definitely has renewed dedication to both my outside and inside well-being.


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