Pajama day

It’s been a while since I’ve spent the whole day in pajamas, so it felt good to do so today. Especially today. Yesterday was the last day of my school’s 3rd quarter. The quarter usually ends on a Friday, and grades are due on the Tuesday after. I used to be able to turn in my grades by the Friday the terms ended, but the past two years have been a struggle for me. The deadline ticks closer and closer, and I spend the weekend grading all day and night and even then I haven’t managed it.

But this year! I clicked submit on my grades yesterday at 4:00pm, complete with citizenship marks. It felt good.

So I rewarded myself with a pajama day today. I didn’t sleep in – actually woke up pretty early at 7 – and spent the day puttering around the house, watching some of my favorite shows, doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, and getting some stuff for STP done. I also wrote a little, and played online games a lot. A lot. Need to work on making this gaming thing less of a habit. No naps though, just spending a ‘hi mono-onna’ aka hermit mode day. Much needed, definitely.

But I’m also ready to take off the pajamas and face the world again. Thankful that it only took one hermit mode day this time.


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