British Bakes

I love food. I love baking. I love PBS.

The Great British Baking Show combines all three of these things into a delightful entertainment package worth watching on a Sunday afternoon – preferably with some tea and yummy baked goods.enhanced-16579-1419414089-8

Of course, like with most PBS shows, you learn something. I learned what an entremet is. I’ve had plenty of them before (HK bakery cases are full of them), but I’ve always just called them ‘little cakes’ (蛋糕仔). I learned what a pièce montée is, but I’ve always just called these cream puff towers. Oh, the American language – no wonder the French look down upon us.

I was most fascinated by pies and tarts episode – and not just because yesterday was a millennial pi day. I didn’t realize that pies and tarts were so…doable. Not easy, no. But not terribly difficult to handle either – or so it seemed. I’ll find out, won’t I, when I try to make my own pies from now on.


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