Random Thoughts for The Year of the Ram


It’s the Year of the Ram! My mom is a Ram. My dad is a Rabbit. I’m a Pig. My brother is a Monkey. Rams, Rabbits, and Pigs get along really well. Sorry, Gor.

I’ve been watching Roommate lately. It’s complete hilarious, touching, and entertaining. Adding South Korea to my list of places I want to visit.

I spent all of yesterday sleeping, eating, playing Candy Crush, sleeping, and eating some more. I woke up at 7, went back to sleep at 9, got up at 10, went back to sleep at 1:30, got up again at 5, and went to sleep for the night at 11.  Apparently, I was that exhausted. 12 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. I have a record of 16 hours of sleep from my teenage years. Sleep is wonderful. People sometimes say they will sleep when they die. For me, I would rather sleep now.

Followed traditions pretty well this year. Cleaned house for a couple of days before 年三十. Got flowering daffodils for the house. Didn’t clean or throw anything away for the first three days of the new year. Had all the lucky foods that one is supposed to eat around new year’s – chicken, seafood, vegetarian for the first day. Went home and spent time with family. WhatsApped the rest of my family. Sent a box of Girl Scout cookies to Gor. That last thing isn’t Chinese tradition.

It’s been 6 weeks since winter break. When I first started teaching, I promised myself that I would take a day off every 6 weeks. I haven’t been very good about that in the past couple of years. I feel more guilty now taking days off than I did during my first year teaching. Why is that?

Gotta love weird Kit Kats from Japan. Ginger Kit Kat is the newest one I’ve tried.


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