Gotta love weird English copy written from an Asian author’s point of view.

I’ve written about Etude House before. As I get close to finishing this set of products, the company and brand has been at the top of my mind. The white, shiny packaging definitely mesmerizes me to no end. I’m especially intrigued by the little, white, plastic scoop that comes with the jar of cream. Why is it there? Does it serve a purpose? How is it any better than just using your fingertips to scoop out the product?

The cream is nice. I only use it during my nighttime skincare routine, as it is on the heavy side. Leaves skin soft and moisturized, but I didn’t find any whitening magic to happen. But then, no product I’ve ever used ever does live up to their whitening marketing.

My favorite is the emulsion. Light, soft, lightly scented. Goes on quick and absorbs nicely. Still no whitening magic. I’m beginning to think the label is only to go with the packaging.

The toner I only recently started using. It’s decent and cleans the residue that my normal face cleanser sometimes leaves behind.

I actually haven’t used the spot treatment yet. I don’t know if it is only for whitening purposes, or if it can be used as a medicated spot treatment. I prefer the medicated type. We’ll see soon enough.

Good-sized bottles and jars that lasts a good long time. I’ve been working on these for at least 4 months now. The price point is decent too, as the whole set was under HK$800 (~US$102), each item averaging out to be US$17 (I got 2 jars of the cream in the set; only one is pictured). They also gave me a huge handful of samples as well.


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