2015 Winter Break


It’s the beginning of another year, and the end of another winter break. I think I spent it pretty wisely. The best thing I did was get all the sleep my body was craving and I was able to wake up each day before noon! Holidays just feel so much longer when I wake up earlier to enjoy it.

I also:

– watched The Imitation Game, Into the Woods, The Interview, and The Gambler
– gave my home and classroom a much needed clean
– organized my school files, both physical and electronic
– blogged
– baked muffins, corn bread, and cookies
– made new recipes like quinoa stuffed acorn squash, turkey with broccoli slaw, and baked steak
–  Watched Roommate, and it is hilarious
Caught up on a few episodes of Freakonomics Radio
– reformatted a test and wrote a review sheet for it
– went condo hunting
– hung out with friends and family
– played with my friend’s super cute kids
– played Clue and Rummikub
– did I mention sleep? Naps every day!
– went on walks with mom
– did yoga and It. Felt. Good.
– planned, reflected, filled out new planners including The Passion Planner

It was a pretty chill new year’s eve. I didn’t plan on staying up – I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up refreshed for 2015. However, Roommate was so entertaining that I ended up watching it until midnight anyway.

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I got enough sleep. I was pretty sloth-like for the few days, but once Boxing Day came and went, I found so much energy for so many things! It also helps to clear my head, being away from that challenging 3rd period class for a bit. Everyone needs a break from challenging people: even stay-at-home moms with 6 year old boys who are scattered and distracted and rather willful at the most inopportune times.

Going to enjoy one more full day of break going back to work by visiting a new-old church, doing pilates, some more planning, cleaning, and organizing, revamping my inspiration board and desk at home, and going out to dinner for a friend who is leaving town for grad school.

Here’s to 2015~!


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