The Year of the Movie

I’ve watched more movies in the past month than I did in the previous 3 years. The end of 2014 has been a time for movies, hanging out with friends, eating (probably too much ::sigh::, but more on that later), and taking afternoon naps.



The first of the bunch watched during the week before Thanksgiving break with my old roommate. I didn’t know very much about it before I walked into the theater, since it was a last minute get-to-gether. I was more looking forward to hanging out with R than watching the movie. It turned out to be quite cerebral, challenging to watch, and left me thinking afterwards.

Big Hero Six

Big_Hero_(film)_poster_003 Watched the same week as Interstellar, also with R, plus one of her former coworkers. Super fun movie. I especially liked the vibrantly drawn backgrounds and, of course, that huggable plastic balloon. Also: Older brother Tadashi = super attractive, and not just because he had the voice of Daniel Henney (whom I’ve found cute since his My Lovely Sam Soon days).


 The Theory of Everything

Watched on Thanksgiving day with childhood friend A and my mother. It was an ok movie – I’m not a particular fan of Stephen Hawking, even when surrounded by math and science teacher friends who are. I wasn’t drawn to any of the characters, and found Felicity Jone’s character (I can’t even recall her name right now, although I know she played Hawking’s wife) rather dull. The actor who played Stephen Hawking did do a good job with the character, I admit.



The Imitation Game

Survived the three weeks of school between Thanksgiving and Christmas break with looking forward to this movie. I loved it. I first knew about Alan Turing when as classmate in my History of Mathematics class did a presentation on him (we were all supposed to do reports and presentations on a famous mathematician and their contributions to the subject – I did Archimedes). I didn’t know he was gay, nor did I know all that other stuff that happened to him after the war. I suspect my classmate did not do justice to Turing during his presentation. This is probably the best movie on this list.



 Into the Woods

Is it just me, or were there a lot of sexual innuendos in this movie? Especially with the Wolf. Johnny Depp definitely played it creepy and borderline pedophile. I thoroughly enjoyed the prince’s song ‘Agony’ and most of the first act was fun to watch. It sort of started to drag in the second act though, and I started to lose my attention on the movie.



The Interview

I have a sneaking suspicion that if this movie wasn’t about North Korea, and if it didn’t had that whole Sony hack publicity, it would just be another buddy bromance movie with extra fart jokes. But it’s not. And there were a few things that it subtly hinted at that made me think. No, assassinations are not the way to solve international problems. Neither does having a spoiled child for a dictator do anyone any good. Neither nation is in the right with some of their decisions. So let’s just let celebrity diplomacy and some random accidents that could have turned out very, very badly but didn’t because it’s Hollywood make it all better.



 The Gambler

Mark Wahlberg sure looks good as an English professor, glasses and all. His transformation from that to a gambler in deep trouble (and back again) was pretty impressive. Childhood friend A wanted to watch this over Unbroken because the latter looked too depressing, and then we were treated to several scenes of torture anyway. We noted the irony, be we also noted how this is a much lighter film after all.


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