Nostalgia, again


It’s been a very relaxing Thanksgiving break. 9 days of:

– sleeping in until ::gasp:: 8am!
– snacking throughout the day on yummy things
– HK style cafe with an old college friend
– American style cafe with a new colleague friend
– organizing the piles of papers I let accumulate into a tangled mess since summer, including all the condo buying stuff
– organizing my desk at school
– grading papers at the most leisurely pace ever
– movies, lunches, and brunches with old childhood friends
– running against hunger 5K for the local food bank
– staying away from the Black Friday crazies
– hanging out in my new, fuzzy pajamas
– getting and passing a smog check
– getting a much needed hair cut
– writing Christmas cards to far-flung family and friends
– watching all past 6 seasons of the Good Wife

What I like most about longer breaks like this is that I can relive some memories with friends, family, and locations. I live in the past a lot sometimes, for the better or for the worse it doesn’t matter. I just do. I don’t miss many things or people, but when I do, I miss them a lot. So it is good to have times like this.

Maybe I when I’m no longer doing the things I do now, or seeing the people I see now on the daily basis, I will miss them more as well.


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