The cutest cosmetics company on the planet

I love skin care products. I’ve tried a lot of skin care products. My favorites in the past have included Laneige, Lush, Fresh, and Boscia.

The one to beat all of them in terms of adorableness is Etude House. My cousin introduced me to one of it’s bedazzled, pink-ified stores in Causeway Bay, HK this year. I’m embarrassed to say how much time we spent in that store. Etude House advertises itself with “Make-up Play Culture,” whatever that means. Their brand touts an affordable price for quality cosmetics in attractive packaging. A trifecta that they miraculously achieve at 110%.

One of the things I bought were these super cute lotion pots:


There were 4 different packagings in all. And they are really ‘pots,’ as opposed to jars or bottles. I only got the penguin and harp seal, because by that point in my trip, I was feeling guilty about the amount of money I had spent during shopping. My bank account thanks you, self-discipline. I was also slightly freaked out by the creepy platypus and panda.

They each come with a story. Harp Seals “love to play in the snow and sunbathe.” While Fairy Penguin “love[s] to swim and dive for fish.” They are supposed to promote the welfare of endangered animals, although whether proceeds were used for habitat restoration, etc is unclear.

IMG_5298  IMG_5299

IMG_5300 IMG_5301

The lotion itself is surprisingly light, non-greasy, and freshly scented. It could have all gone terribly wrong – think Bath & Body Works – but it’s clear that Etude House spent tons of effort in BOTH their product development and marketing departments. I meant to give these away as souvenirs but I was greedy and kept them both to myself!

I suppose that, in a way, these are environmentally friendly. The pots are durable plastic, nothing like those flimsy squeeze tubes that can only be used once. It is a pot, so no wasted lotion either (although I recently discovered this awesome hack, or this, which is for toothpaste, but the idea can be applied to pretty much anything that comes in a tube). The painted design doesn’t scrap off easily. They are small enough to pass airport security screenings, yet large enough to hold a decent amount of lotion. I see myself reusing these little pots by refilling them from Costco-sized bottles of lotion.


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