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Read: 15 Signs You’re an Introvert Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

A few months ago, I re-did a version of the Meyer’s-Briggs test and got INTJ. When I first took the test as a college student in a class at the career center on campus, I was INTJ. Sometime between then and now, I switched to INFP. It’s kind of weird that one can switch from one to another like that, yet I really shouldn’t be surprised.

This particular test breaks down the percentages for you. Here’s mine:

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.26.44 AM

I’m much more moderate across the board now than when I was 19. Back then, I was leaned closer to 60% introvert.

However, in the Lifehack article, I probably fit 14 out of the 15 things they say an introvert does. So even if I seem a moderately balanced into/extrovert on the outside, on the inside I’m still that person who prefers books to people, quiet to noise, calm to drama, and interacting with animals, children, or older people to interacting with peers. I’ve wondered for a long time what has made me less of an introvert on the exterior. Probably the fact that my job requires me to interact with a dense number of people on a daily basis (150 students total this year). And probably also because life happened, and I got a bit more mature about certain things over the years. Thank God for that. I would not want to stay the way I was when I was a teen, or even the way I was during my early-to-mid-20s. Thinking back, I was quite obnoxious (in some ways still am).

It’s good to grow. It’s good to change. It’s good to reflect.


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