A Year of Living Without Redux

Remember this post? Yeah, well neither did I. Heh.

Well, actually I did live without for a few of those for the full month. Here’s a recap:

September 2013 – Facebook

Probably the most successful in both the action and the results afterwards. Living without Facebook for a full month was liberating. I had to contact my relatives overseas in another way (Whatsapp). I called and texted friends – or better yet, saw them IRL! – rather than trolled their news feeds. Most of all, it felt good. No jealousy of people I knew from high school who were getting married and having babies and buying homes and going on vacations. Funnily enough, I learned I wasn’t jealous of people getting work promotions, envy only raises it’s ugly head with personal stuff. I enjoyed this month off from Facebook so much that I spent the rest of the school year pretty much away from it as well. And when I’m on it, it’s mostly to network, or use the messaging tool, or post current events and school/work stuff. Much less personal stuff on FB now. Definitely fewer photos. Wow, remembering and reflecting upon this now, I feel like it would be nice to take a break from it again after this summer of lots of FBing. Yes, I think I will.

October – Video/smartphone/DS games

This was probably the hardest challenge for me. I love to unwind with some Candy Crush, or Smurfs, or Animal Crossing. But it was a little bit of escapism that had turned into a huge time suck. During this month, I deleted all game apps from my iPhone, and i left my DS at my parent’s house so that I wouldn’t be tempted. Freed up a lot of time to write, think, and hang out with people IRL.

November – Skipping a day of exercise

I had started a habit of walking/jogging/running last summer and it’s carried over pretty well. I did end up skipping lots of days of exercise (still do). Need to work on that more.

December – Not calling a friend at least once a week

I probably didn’t call people during the weeks of winter break. But then I saw them when we all congregated to our homes, so maybe not just a fail by default?

January 2014 – Sugar/sweets

This. Was. Hard. Failed. Flat. On. Floor. Will need to try this in smaller time increments and work myself up.

February – Not snail-mailing a friend at least once a week

Good thing a bunch of my friends have birthdays during this month. Wrote cards for them.

And then, with the exception of April (fast food) it all went a bit downhill from here. The second half of the school year is a pretty tough slog in general. Running out of steam. Stamina has never been my forte.


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