Clary sage and bergamot aromatherapy



It’s been a month since I started using these two essential oils in my daily routine. I mix ten drops of each in two little glass containers (one previously held a candle, and the other was a from a wedding favor of pistachios – the pistachios were eaten before this, of course). Every week or so, I would refresh the mixture with another 5-10 drops of each oil. I put one in my car, and the other right next to my bed.

Have my depressive cycles stopped? No. I still get one every two weeks. It’s very regular sometimes, strangely so. Much more reliable than other things actually.

I don’t know if it means I don’t use the oils as intensively as I’m supposed to, or if they really don’t work. I would breath deeply from the baking soda/essential oil mixture every evening for at least 5 minutes for those first week-and-a-half. Then I dropped off using them because I felt so good and thought I could relax a bit. But the depressive cycle came back.

I’ll try it again, and return to the daily 5 minutes of breathing deeply from the scents. It’s a really nice, pleasant, relaxing-yet-invigorating scent anyway. I like it. I’m also going to attempt to jimmy a reed diffuser version of it with bamboo skewers and the handy-dandy old glass candle holders.


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