Crushin’ the candies

I’ve been playing Candy Crush off and on for a bit more than a year now. Currently stuck on level 181, the one where you need to bring down two cherries stuck over [what I call] the bricks in the two columns on each side. I think if you’ve played it, then you know which level I’m talking about.

So I’ve gotten into playing the Dream World version more than the regular levels. The Dream World is even more addicting than the original because:

a) Of the owl you have to keep in balance.


b) the cool things that happen when the moon energy is full. So many candies and combos show up! I played level 36, getting barely any points, and then BAM! The moon got full and I passed at #1 amongst all my FB friends.

Glad it’s summer, when I can get a lot of playing time in before the avalanche of paper grading begins again.


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