Summer 2014, weeks 8-9

IMG_4465           IMG_4466
…..It’s been a busy two weeks. Kimchi and wok cleaning.


IMG_4470           IMG_4471
…..Uniqlo is coming soon! With conveyor belt sushi that I have yet to try.

IMG_4473           IMG_4476
…..Some really good pad thai, pad kee mao, and pineapple fried rice. Then Denica’s for lunch the next day.
IMG_4480           IMG_4482
…..My summer work desk and flowers in the neighborhood. I love neighborhoods where I can take a walk/jog/run without being harassed by weird people or dangerous traffic. I guess I am a suburbanite at heart. Although there are cities where one can find the same.
IMG_4484           IMG_4500
…..Beautify sunsets and weird, Americanized Chinese food. By the way, P. F. Chang’s: The ‘spicy’ labels on your menus should read ‘辣’, not ‘火’.

IMG_4501           IMG_4502
….Yummy crepes – although they later gave my tummy a not-fun time. =\



IMG_4503           IMG_4504
…..Lunch with a good friend. Then back to RCC for some camping with the church peeps.
IMG_4505           IMG_4508
…..Camp fires are the best! Especially with smokes, sausages, root beer floats (not roasted), and good sharing time. Also: scary carved wooden statue of Jesus and the little children.
IMG_4509           IMG_4510
…..The great California redwoods + a log that looks like an alligator.
…..The Sherwood Forest, home of Robin Hood and his men.
…..Jewelry making at camp = grown up fun!
IMG_4514           IMG_4518
…..If I there was no one other than the life guard around, I would have jumped right in on this water fountain by the pool. Manis at camp? Yes please!
IMG_4519           IMG_4521
…..Rediscovered all the fun as a nursery volunteer. More campfires + glow stick necklaces.
IMG_4522           IMG_4523
…..Enjoying some quiet time with the trees.
IMG_4524           IMG_4527
…..Adirondack chairs are THE. MOST. COMFORTABLE. EVER. Back to the work week with some back to school shopping.
IMG_4529           IMG_4536
….Comforting things in peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and my friend Totoro.


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