Anime memories

I recently found the entire series of Ranma ½ on Hulu after watching the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. These two shows (the original 1991 series), combined with any and all Studio Ghibli amounted to near 100% of my anime watching as a kid (Card Captor Sakura came around a bit afterwards in my later teens).

I used to do my math homework with an episode of Ranma ½ playing in the background. Perhaps this was the reason why I could never quiet attain an A+ in AP Calculus. I watched it on VHS, as they were recorded on HK television, dubbed in Cantonese, courtesy of my favorite uncle.

I don’t think I ever watched the entire series, but I did watch a couple of the OAVs. This is seriously a walk down memory lane fueling the nostalgic feeling that is the root of my desire to be a kid again. To be in the season of my life where I didn’t have responsibilities, or worries, or bills, or anxiety about the future. When my biggest obstacle was whether or not I’ll pass math class with a decent B+/A-. When the future was bright and clean, and the world still seemed new. When life wasn’t a drudge of daily work and daily bills, and daily insecurities.

Back then, my insecurities were less deeply rooted. They’ve had a few more years to grow since then. They are here to stay, for the most part. I’ve simply learned to live with them, as opposed to doing away with them completely. I’ve yet to feel secure in the way God intends.

So I’ve spent a marathon watching what my old friend Ranma, Akane, Ryoga, and the whole gang are up to, subtitled and in its original Japanese (which brings a whole new twist on the characters and stories, actually). It’s been great catching up with them and recognizing how I’ve grown. Because I understand a lot more of the more grown-up jokes and plots now.


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