Summer 2014, week 7

IMG_4419      IMG_4421


…..I very much like big family dinners. Especially when there’s an abundance of yummy seafood.

IMG_4422      IMG_4423

…..Family gatherings mean family history lessons! I have more ideas for things I want to write…..





IMG_4435      IMG_4438


…..Taco Tuesdays! And the NASA Ames visitor center! Working in the south bay this summer has been great. Not the least of which is the opportunity to see good friends on a weekly basis.





IMG_4440     IMG_4443

…..The moon sure is pretty!


IMG_4444      IMG_4445

…..Dreams of astronauts!


IMG_4447      IMG_4449

…..Explored downtown Mountain View a bit. Met a new octopus friend.
IMG_4451      IMG_4453

…..Visited the really cool library there, with pieces of the Berlin wall on display.



IMG_4455      IMG_4452

…..Super cool.

IMG_4458      IMG_4459

…..Also a super cool bike tool-kit for public use, as well as a wishful friend! Do you spot him?

IMG_4460      IMG_4462


…..Taco Tuesdays extended into taco Wednesdays as well this week. Plus, a stroll down memory lane; except I don’t think I was born yet in this photo of my brother.


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