TVB Explore Japan Rail & Drive — 夏.日.悠遊

Summer is a great time to watch TV, especially the ones about summer travel.

TVB’s Explore Japan Rail & Drive (夏.日.悠遊) is my favorite new summer travel show. Hosted by your typical TVB talent – the youthful, energetic, and wholesome kind (the female host was a former Miss Hong Kong contestant) – it takes you through a bunch of different mild outdoor adventures interspersed with food and culture. It’s a fun, fluffy show that leaves one with good vibe-y view of affluent millennials-style travel. Too bad I can’t post any photos from the show – not even the main opening screen shot. TVB is pretty close-fisted in that way.

Lately I’ve been thinking of how and when to go on a few more travel adventures in the near future. An all-inclusive resort? A tour of some European city? Backpacking in South America? Or just a simple drive to somewhere local yet unfamiliar? In any case, I feel it is time to GO! Somewhere. Anywhere.


Yet, I’m also longing for a place to call home. I am terribly tired of renting. Just today, my landlady chided me (again) for washing my sheets in a non-full load. I’m all for full-loads, and I typically do. I know it saves water. But my sheets are a different beast. I explained to my landlady that my sheets are super fluffy, that when dry it does take up the entire washer just by itself. However, it gets compressed when wet. It also has a history of not getting clean enough, or dry enough, when I toss it in with too many things. And even then, I don’t wash it by itself – I definitely toss in a few towels and things with it. Just not too much. Overloading your washer and dryer isn’t a good thing either.

::sigh:: It seems like the ‘honeymoon’ of having a rental income is over for my landlady. After the first month, the only conversations we have are those of her telling me critically to do something her way. Ugh. I hate being told what to do like that – like I’m the only on in the wrong, like I’m the one taking up too much space, like I’m the one leaving a mess all the time only, like I’m the one who isn’t considerate of other people, doesn’t communicate well. What do you want me to do?! Use as little of your space and be as quiet as a goldfish? I’m going to use your water and electricity and space. That’s what renting is!! My previous roommate (the one who got married, and yelled at me for disturbing her thoughts when I wanted to know when to move out but she wouldn’t tell me for a good long time) was like that too.

Maybe it is me. Maybe I am a horrible roommate. All the more reason to buy my own place as soon as I can. Oh, travel and housing. The two (out of three) main thoughts weighing on me lately.


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