Summer 2014, week 3

…Went to an amazing wedding. The best I’ve been to in a long, long time.
…If it wasn’t for the two INTENSELY competitive women, I would have caught the bouquet – it was headed straight towards me. I, however, kept my arms down. The only way I would have ended up catching it was if it hit me in the head. One of the flowers from the bouquet DID hit me in the head when the other ladies were thrashing about. So I kept that. ^___^

…Went to Off the Grid!
…Had lunch with a friend next to Amazon.
…Swung by Mission San Jose.
…Dropped my malted vita soy and discovered that it is most definitely NOT homogeneous. It looks like 腐皮 in my cup.

Not pictured:
– Swimming!
– Ramen lunch with church friends
– Pizza lunch with new LM friends
– Pancakes at Black Bear
– Got into a bit of a verbal scuffle with my landlady. Totally tired of renting. =\
– Finished reading 3 books: Insurgent, some poorly written murder mystery, and a book about a woman losing her daughter to diabetes/renal failure that was super sad


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