All about organization, part IV

I’ve mentioned before how much I dislike filing cabinets. So how and where should I store all the paper that one accumulates? Some ideas:


The first on the left above is what I’ve been using at school for the past two years to keep extra copies of homework and other assignments for students. It’s worked pretty well, until common core hit, and the district has yet to adopt a textbook, so nearly everything is photocopied and then the cart imploded into a black hole of papers.


The photo on the right (click on photo to be redirected to the original link) was found on pinterest. It appeals to me because the papers are organized out of sight, yet within easy reach. I would personally have trouble remembering to lift the bench seat and put things away, however, like always.

The reminder of my paper work consists of roth IRA and stocks statements, and my pay stubs. I keep these in a pretty binder with pretty dividers (like the above right). Why binders and dividers? Because these are documents I should keep for a very long time, but yet don’t have to do anything with once I’ve received them. Why pretty? Because I can.

One of my summer to-dos is to reorganize the portable filing box (like the one above left) that I currently use to store my important papers. Old tax documents, banking things, credit card statements, health insurance stuff, medical records, CSUEB stuff, receipts for bigger-ticket items (as opposed to big ticket items, these things are NOT cars nor houses, but leans more towards electronics and tuition), and a variety of user manuals which I really should weed out.

That’s the root of the problem isn’t it? I wouldn’t have a paper storage problem if I didn’t have so much paper. I really should use more digital storage of important files and such. Scanning things and storing them in an external hard drive. Labeling the digital files I already have properly, and keeping only a hard copy of where they are posted somewhere handy. That’s going to be an ongoing project, not just a once-in-a-while project.


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