Adventures in online dating

Like most people my age who remain single, I’ve dabbled in online dating for about a year now. I’ve tried a variety of sites and here’s my opinion of them. One of my colleagues actually put a personal ad on Craigslist…and that is where she met her now husband, who is perfectly rational, good-looking, and not at all a criminal. Props to my colleague for putting herself out there like that.

1) OkCupid — Cons: Too many people, too much junk mail, too many misspellings, too many photos of guys who look like criminals (why do people think that is attractive??). I’ve had perhaps a handful of actual people who I started sensible conversations with. And in the end, there was no click. Pros: Free, and a good laugh at all the poorly phrased, highly misspelled tries at getting laid.

2) eHarmony (the free version) — Cons: A lot of the options are unavailable unless you pay for a subscription. Pros: I know at least two couples who met on eHarmony and have gotten married since. I think I’ll try the subscription for this next.

3) ChristianCafe — Cons: Just as bad as OkCupid in terms of people looking to get laid (don’t let the ‘Christian’ part of it mislead you…they also seem to have a very loose definition of ‘christian’). Also, the user base is a few decades older than the target age range I fit in. Pros: I know of one couple who meet each other on this site, and has since gotten married and brought up two very adorable, precocious children. I rather look up to them, which was the main reason why I subscribed to ChristianCafe – that, and a very large discount special back in May for a three-month subscription. Double Cons: It is a butt ugly site.

4) — I actually tried this one a couple years ago. Don’t remember much from that experience as it was very short-lived. Maybe I’ll try this again later.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.39.18 PM

5) CoffeeMeetsBagel — Pros: This is the site I’m most active on currently. It’s easy to use, the site is easy on the eyes, and you aren’t inundated with tons and tons of search results. You only get one match per day, which is genius, because that’s what makes people keep coming back, to see who shows up next as ‘today’s bagel.’ It is free, with the option of buying ‘beans’ to unlock additional features. It sets up a private text message line between the people who ‘liked’ each other. It is linked to your Facebook account so that you know how you are connected to that day’s bagel, if there is a connection at all, but it doesn’t post to your status feed (unlike eHarmony, OkCupid, AND; come on guys, not every thing I do I want posted to my Facebook, sheesh). Cons: You have to keep checking every day, or you miss your bagel. Although I think the missed bagels will eventually rotate back around if you use the service long enough.

6) Zoosk — Pros: The carousel is kind of fun, oddly enough. Cons: Too many guys who look like they work for a drug cartel. Too many email notifications.

Happy dating everyone! May you find your perfect life partner. Otherwise, get lots of cats, like me.


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