All about organization, part III

Read about part I here, and part II here.

I had planned for this post to be about the way I organized my home office. However…..well, a picture will say it all:

IMG_4093Not a pretty sight.

I don’t own a house. I don’t even have my own apartment. But the space that I do have, I can mess up quite thoroughly.

So….instead of my home office (which needs a bit of thinking and revamping anyway), we’ll start with the way I organize some normal, every day things.

IMG_4094 IMG_4096

This is the rolling set of plastic drawers that I’ve had for ages and ages. Since I was in high school. I’ve used it for various things in the past – stationary, jewelry, clothes, books, even as pantry storage. In its current reincarnation, I decided to put the following in the drawers, from top to bottom:

1) Extra make-up and skin care products. All my nail polish. My every day products are in my bathroom medicine cabinet. This is where I put the things I haven’t opened yet, or I have duplicates for. (Product review posts TBD)

IMG_4097 IMG_4098

2) Old eye glasses (as extras), jewelry (that’s what is in the cough drop and moon cake tins), extra buttons that come with my clothes, measuring tape, medicine, luggage locks, and some loose ends that really should go in the stationary drawer. I think I should put my sewing kit in here as well, since it goes with the measuring tape and buttons.

3) The stationary drawer. Post-its, paper clips, washi tape, stickers, mini stapler, glue stick, and my staple-less stapler from Japan.

IMG_4099 IMG_4100

4) Extra notebooks, scrap paper, and printer paper.

5) This is where it starts to fall apart. I have cards, envelopes, gift bags, tissue paper, labels, 3M wall stickies, putty, balloons, and a bunch of clean, used ziploc baggies. Another view below left.

IMG_4101 IMG_4102

6) The bottom drawer holds miscellaneous small tools, a tin of extra lead and pen refills, my mini tripod, my camera battery recharger, some tekkie stuff like cables and power chargers, and extra batteries.

So, needs a lot of work, yes? We’ll extend this organization series to more than just three, methinks.


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