All about organization, part I

I have to admit, this time of year, I am at my most disorganized. From work and school, to home and life, to just my brain. I’m surprised at myself when I can remember all the meetings I need to attend, or the people I need to see, or the things I have to do.

*Well, actually, last week I almost missed a meeting (a non-important one, however). And just because I remember what I have to do doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll do them. Heh.

I’ve heard a lot about pilers and filers in my search for inspiration for organizing tips (mainly from Pinterest). Here is a quiz I took recently that confirmed I am a piler. I tend to:

– Forget about things that aren’t within reach, or within eyesight.
– Shove things in a drawer instead of putting it away properly.
– To set up my planner once a month and not take the time to make edits in it as the need arises. So it gets rather confusing when I have a meeting written down for one day, and know that it’s not really on that day anymore. Or if I have blank spaces in my calendar but I know I have a last minute conference in one of those spaces.
– I despise filing cabinets. They are heavy, with sharp corners (which is never good for a clumsy person like me), difficult to access, and in general I find them to be inflexible as I like to move stuff around a lot.

Pinterest has been a wealth of information on organization. It almost seems like the world’s population of organizers have converged upon it to pin things for the readers – who apparently are the world’s population of disorganized people. In the end however, it provides  more eye-candy than substance.

Organizing really has to do with what will fit each individual’s style and needs. For instance this:

Very pretty, and even functional. That magazine rack in the corner is awesome to keep things within sight. But I don’t like how inaccessible those top two shelves would be for me. I know it’s for storing things that you don’t need often, but I would rather put those types of things away in a closet or drawer rather than have them out in the open gather dust. I also don’t like how there are no drawers to keep small items in, like extra pens and pencils.

Or this:

Drawers for small things – check. All items within easy reach – check. Lots of bulletin board space for easy viewing – check. But very little table space. If that laptop is around 16″, then the table itself is barely 2′ wide. I like lots of horizontal surfaces to lay out papers….once again for easy viewing. More horizontal surfaces also make for better lesson planning sessions. This is why I tend to lesson plan on the floor, or with a bunch of student desks shoved together.

So….what will work for me? What has worked for me in the past? Stay tuned for part II!


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