Well-earned hermit mode

In the 6 weeks since my last post, I’ve:

– been trained on GLAD/STEM strategies
– moved house
– applied to IISME
– traveled to HK and back
– held open house at school
– threw a baby shower
– did my taxes
– planned a photo scavenger hunt
– bought a subscription for an online dating site (more on this later)
– sat in on a very awkward union rep meeting
– resigned as chairperson of school site council
– fell behind in grading, caught back up, and fell behind again
– bought my parents new Samsung S 5s, and am dreading the process of getting them acclimated to them

It’s been a busy 6 weeks. The one thing I haven’t done is stop, and reflect, and get a bit of rest. I did that this weekend, after the baby shower. Spent it watching Frozen (watched on the plane, bought on iTunes because I wanted to see it again), sleeping, and waking up at 1pm for the first time in a VERY long time. I appreciate the time for hermit mode though. I really needed it.


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